Emergency problems please call 218-262-7700. This number is staffed 24 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will work on the problem as soon as we can. Below is a list of known problems and if you don’t see a problem listed please call 218-262-7700 or click on “Report a New Problem”. Please call in when you notice a Severe Water Break, Downed Power Lines, Gas Odors, Power Outages, or any problem you feel is an emergency. If uncertain what constitutes an emergency please call the 24-hour phone number 218-262-7700 to report the problem. 

This email is not monitored 24/7. If you feel this is an emergency please call the after hours number at 218-262-7700. We are not responsible for any issues that arise from submitting on the website and not calling in your problem. 

Street Lights and Traffic signals that are out should be reported and if an emergency please call 218-262-7700.

Currently Known Outages / Problems


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New Outage / Problem

If you don't see a problem that you are aware of, please report the problem.

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