Use this page to submit the required documentation for the Heat Conversion Loan Program. We've made the process very simple.

Before proceeding, be sure you have four documents/files ready to go: 1) a signed Loan Application (PDF), 2) Income Verification Documentation (PDF), 3) ACH Payment Agreement (PDF), and 4) Personal ID (PDF or JPG). The file size is limited to 2 MB per document.

Personal Information

Please attach one document for each item. Scan multiple pages into a single PDF. File size limit is 2 MB for each of the four files.

Loan application (two pages) in PDF format.
Scan all documents related to income verification into a single PDF document.
Single page ACH agreement in PDF.
Take a picture of or scan your personal identification. JPG or PDF allowed. Driver's license, MN issued ID, or passport.
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