Hibbing Public Utilities provides electricity and electrical services to the City of Hibbing and surrounding areas. The Utility's main power generating plant is located near the downtown business district. The plant burns coal in its three boilers which have a total combined output capacity of 400,000 pounds of steam per hour. This steam is then used by three turbo-generators to supply the system with electrical power. These three generators have a total connected load capability of 31 megawatts. Over the last year, the City of Hibbing used more than 110 million kilowatt-hours of electricity which is distributed over 96 miles of power lines. The Utility supplements the City's electrical needs by brokering energy over the MAPP System. Hibbing Public Utilities also participates in Commercial Electric Power Grant rebates and the Residential Electric Energy Analysis. Please see left sidebar for more information.

Natural Gas

In the year 2016, Hibbing Public Utilities distributed 609 million cubic feet of gas this past year. This was conveyed to our customers through 93 miles of distribution mains. We receive our gas through a connection with Northern Natural Gas.


Hibbing draws its drinking water from two groundwater sources. The first is a mantle of glacial drifts overlying impenetrable bedrock. The second groundwater source is called the Biwabik Iron Formation.

The Hibbing water system includes approximately 5223 residential connections, 524 commercial connections, 626 hydrants, and 110 miles of water main. In addition, Hibbing Public Utilities manages 3 million gallons of water storage which are comprised of underground and elevated storage facilities.

The EPA and the Safe Drinking Water Act, regulate Hibbing's drinking water on the federal level, on the state level, the water is regulated and monitored by the Minnesota Department of Health. Three different groups analyze the water: The MDH laboratory, Hibbing Public Utilities employees, and independent laboratories.


A portion of the steam used in the Hibbing Public Utilities turbo-generators can be extracted from the machine and fed into a steam distribution system for space or water heating by our customers. This distribution system consists of approx. 16 miles of supply pipe to feed industrial, business, and residential customers. Last year approx. 362 million pounds of steam were distributed to our customers. Our plant has the capability of supplying 301,000 pounds (l5PSI, 250 ° F) of steam per hour into this system.

After nearly 100 years of providing steam service to the city of Hibbing, the Hibbing Public Utilities remains fully committed to the continued operation of the steam district heating system. This unique system has been and will continue to be a viable, effective energy source for the residents of Hibbing well into the future. As the typical heat system in Hibbing ages, the HPU realizes the need to support and assist in evaluating their systems. Through consultation, we can and will evaluate systems and advise the customers in maintaining a cost effective steam heat system as an energy source.