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Lighting the Town that Moved

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Decorate the outside of your home or business in holiday cheer

to help make our town that much brighter this holiday season.

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Enter to Win...

a Hibbing Public Utility credit of $200, $150, or $100.

in either the BUSINESS or RESIDENTIAL category.

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Introduction to the Polar Vortex by Luke Peterson, General Manager

Please see the below video of Luke Peterson, General Manager, discussing the impact of the Polar Vortex on Customers.

You can contact Luke Peterson at:

Phone: (218) 262-7759
e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Can You Do?

HPU General Manager, Luke Peterson is highly encouraging you, the people who hold the voice, to write to our legislative representatives regarding the unprecedented situation that paralyzed the natural gas delivery infrastructure. During the month of February 2021, the Hibbing Public Utilities saw the worst gas month in its history due to the impacts of the Polar Vortex and Texas Energy Infrastructure failure. The problems elsewhere in the United States, through no fault of Hibbing residents, caused the Utility’s monthly wholesale gas cost to skyrocket.

As you recall, from February 15-16, the Hibbing Public Utilities natural gas supplier declared a “Force Majeure”, which allows to decrease HPU’s committed long term contracts of hedged gas, and took away 1,111 Dth at $4.27/Dth, forcing the HPU to buy an extra 1,200 Dth on the spot market at $250/Dth.

It is not fair that folks in Hibbing pay the bill for Texas’s problems, while Texas is getting bailed out by the Federal government. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and contacted our legislators for State and Federal assistance. HPU has been very vocal in asking for State or Federal assistance to help remediate this critical situation.

Thank you, Representative Julie Sanstede for including $1.6m in the State’s Summer Session budget bill. HPU customers, please reach out to Governor Walz and David Tomassoni to make your voice heard, as their support is critical for the bill to pass. Any amount received from the State, will go directly back to the customer natural gas bills, as a credit.

Address list of Legislative Representatives

Office of Senator Dave Tomassoni
Capitol Room 32875
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul MN 55155

Office of Attorney General Keith Ellison
445 Minnesota St., Ste. 1500
St. Paul MN 55101-2131

Office of Senator Amy Klobuchar
425 Dirksen Senator Office Building
Washington DC 20510-2309

Office of Senator Tine Smith
720Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510-2309

Office of Congressman Pete Stauber
461 Cannon House Office Building
Washington CD 20510-2309

Office of Governor Tim Walz
130 State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul MN 55155

Rep. Julie Sanstede
411 State Office Bldg.
St. Paul MN 55155

Board Chair
St. Louis County Board of Commissioners
Hibbing Courthouse
1810 E. 12th Ave.
Hibbing MN 55746


Congratulations to Cady Rancourt for winning the annual Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship! Cady also won the state scholarship as well! You can read Cady's winning essay here.

Learn more about the Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship.

When it comes to the Hibbing Public Utilities, many questions abound throughout the community. Will the steam system be around ten years from now, or will everyone convert to natural gas? What will happen to jobs? What about rates?

On Monday afternoon, the HPU’s general manager, Scott Hautala, and the director of finance, Jean Lane, sat down with the Hibbing Daily Tribune for a candid discussion to dispel rumors and try and paint a clearer picture of the current state of the utility. The following are excerpts from that conversation and have been lightly edited for content and clarity.

Read More Here

The Hibbing Public Utilities has received the Water Fluoridation Quality Award for 2018 from the CDC. Please see the attached letter and award for more information

Water Fluoridation Quality Award Certificate


The Hibbing Public Utilities has received the Water Fluoridation Quality Award for 2017 from the CDC. Please see the attached letter and award for more information.

Water Fluoridation Quality Award Certificate

Water Fluoridation Quality Award Letter