Hibbing Public Utilities is replacing approximately 2,800 feet of 3-4” diameter carbon steel condensate main return piping with 4” diameter stainless steel piping. HPU is also replacing approximately 2,000 feet (based on 25 services at approximately 80 feet per service) of 1-1¼” customer-owned carbon steel condensate return service piping with 1¼” diameter stainless steel piping.

Hecimovich Mechanical is the successful bidder for this project and is responsible for all labor, equipment, and materials for full replacement of both condensate main and condensate services to include all excavation, piping replacement, tie-ins, backfill and full surface restoral to both the main and customer service feed. Customer service replacement piping is from the down-stream connection on the HPU owned customer condensate return meter to the HPU owned condensate main return in the alley steam vault.

All restoral quality shall be of the same or better prior to disturbance.