The Hibbing Public Utilities owns and operates a cogenerating power plant which provides both steam and electricity for distribution to our service area.  The Utility also furnishes water and natural gas services to the City of Hibbing proper.  We have served the City of Hibbing from our present location since 1919.  In 1895 the City Water and Light Department was formed, and 1995 was our 100th year.


The Hibbing Public Utilities has grown with the City of Hibbing since we first came into operation in 1895.  Our main concern now, as it was then, is to provide steady, reliable, utility service to the people and businesses of Hibbing.

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Laurentian Energy Authority (LEA) produces 35 MW of renewable biomass electric power under a twenty-year contract to Xcel Energy and provides steam heat for 3,600 residential and business customers in the cities of Virginia and Hibbing. LEA has the capacity to produce 20-25 MW of additional electrical energy. A total of $87.6 million was invested to repower the facilities in Virginia and Hibbing to utilize biomass as a fuel and to build a wood yard and wood handling facilities.


Built on 100 years of History

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The Commission

The Commission is the five-member decision making body of the Utility, overseeing all projects and programs, reviewing and approving the budget, and determining Utility projects.

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